MNEK Wants You To Know That He 'Wrote A Song About You'

mnek_wrote a song about you

At this point, we are running out of ways to explain how dope MNEK is. Since we caught first caught of this 19-year-old Brit, he's been making us dig deep to come up with the right words to describe the ear candy he's been blessing us with. His latest, "Wrote A Song About You," is no different. Taken from his upcoming Virgin Records debut, the song sticks close to MNEK's deep-rooted appreciation for '90s music, sounding as if it easily could have been lifted from the R&B/Dance charts of the era. However, while it would be easy for the song to sound dated and cringe worthy, it comes off as a fresh and fun ode to yesterday, making me want to dust off my favorite Black Bart Simpson t-shirt and bust a move. Exactly how someone as young as he is manages to pull off the sounds of yesteryear over and over is beyond me. Rather than dwell too long on such particulars, I'd much rather hit the dance floor and get it in to this tale of unrequited love. Now get out of the way before you get knocked over by some of these New Jack Swing dance moves I'm serving.

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