Keyshia Cole Raises Eyebrows With 'She'

Keyshia Cole Leopard Pants

Looks like Keyshia Cole wants get some tongues wagging (no pun intended) this go 'round. At least, that's seems to be the intent with her latest single, "She." The DJ Mustard-produced track finds the Bay Area singer fantasizing about a erotic rendezvous involving lips and lace and her "cherry scent" that some might think is scandalous. "Boys love them some you/But I ain't mad 'cause you look good on me, too/She look good on me, too," Keyshia sings over the bass-heavy, slow-grinding electronic beat. Say what, Keyshia? While she could be pulling an "Oops (Oh My)" like Tweet did back in 2002, many are interpreting the song's sapphic lyrics as Keyshia being interested in a bit of girl-on-girl action.

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Whether it's about lady love or self-love, the track is definitely something that Keyshia's fans will like (and much better than the lackluster "Rick James"). If Keyshia's erotic romp has you a little curious, go ahead and take a listen. We promise we'll keep it between us.

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