Enjoy A ‘Temporary View’ From SBTKRT & Sampha


In terms of collaborative pairs, SBTRKT and Sampha rank high in our "they just make sense together" category. One thing we do know is that these two are loyal, as they join musical forces again to bring this stirring and eerie track "Temporary View." The song's base is actually "Resolute," which can be found on SBTRKT's instrumental EP Transitions. With soulful vocals and the perfect electro backdrop, the song is sensual but trippy. Sampha sings, "I know it's just a temporary view, won't you help me, and invite your light, to wake my desire." Deep right?

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The track has several layers, which is what we're used to hearing from SBTRKT. The layers trade places throughout the song; one minute the song is hollow and showcases the lyrical and vocal depth, the next it’s a symphony of electronic drums, synthesizers and other effects that develop the chorus. It seems like SBTRKT is getting closer to releasing his sophomore offering, but until we get an actual date, we'll continue to enjoy whatever he gives us a "Temporary View" of.

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