Chris Brown's Clothes Weren't 'Loyal' At BET Awards '14


Modern male R&B was on full display at last night's BET Awards, and perhaps no performance was more anticipated than Chris Brown's first televised post-jail performance. Kicked off by a lazy rap from The Hip Hop Gremlin Lil Wayne, the performance was clearly brought to you by the "zero f--ks given" school of thought. Young Chris didn't even attempt to act as if he weren't lip-syncing, with the mic being feet away from his mouth while vocals from his verse played on and a low-energy verse from Young Money's own Tyga coming near the performance's end. In fact, the only bit of energy came when surprise guest Travis Barker rolled out on the drums and Breezy danced like he meant it a little bit.

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The real talk of his set, though, was what he was wearing. In what I'm assuming was supposed to be a grunge moment, you know, with ripped-up jeans and all, Breezy sported a shirt that's best described as your grandmother's flannel night gown meets a circus ringmaster's coat. To make matters worse, he topped it with a bright red hat and bright red shoes. In other words, he looked a gotdamn fool. Basically, while Chris was worried about the hoes not being loyal, he should've been a lot more concerned about his clothes, but that ain't none of my business.

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