Taylor McFerrin Enlists Emily King To Make Some 'Decisions'


Cuffin' Season may have ended months ago and have a few months to go before it begins anew, but the cuffin' hasn't ceased and springtime is fling time. So if your sexytime playlist needs some updating for spring training, then Taylor McFerrin and Emily King serve up "Decisions" for the next time you get your swerve on. Seriously, you just need to put this song on and the mood is automatically set.

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McFerrin calls on King, whom he describe as “one of the best singers alive,” to provide her distinctive and delicate vocals to the sensual electronic sound table that he sets on "Decisions." Emily sings, "I want to try with it, baby spend a life with you. Drift away to the ribbon in the sky with you," and lets her lover know that she means and wants to get down to business. Taylor's keyboard blips and bleeps may sound like they're lifted from a vintage video game, and, well, Emily plans on getting the high score tonight.

With this blazing track and the lead single "The Antidote" featuring Nai Palm both getting us open, Taylor McFerrin's debut album, Early Riser, may just be our go-to soundtrack for the next few months.

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