'SNL' Gives A Hilarious Nod To Beyoncé Fans With 'The Beygency'


This weekend the cast of Saturday Night Live celebrated the power of Beyoncé with a hilarious digital short named "The Beygency." Yes, an entire short devoted to the entertainer and her legion of Beyhive fans that really don’t play when it comes to anything Bey-related. Ridiculousness ensued once The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star and SNL host Andrew Garfield confessed to his friends that he wasn’t that impressed with Yoncé’s “Drunk in Love.” *insert screeching brakes sound here* And this is where the trouble begins.

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Garfield gets chased around the city by men in suits, aka The Beygency, even getting his identity erased and a few attempts on his life. Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub from hit drama 24 even try to rescue him and things really go left. The highlight of the digital short is when Garfield is finally captured and forced to do the "Single Ladies" dance. How does it end? Find out when you watch The Beygency, and honestly, from now on, be careful what you say about Beyoncé.

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