Kaytranada Makes Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' Groove Again

Kaytranada Pharrell Happy Cover

Every time I try to leave Pharrell Williams' ever-infectious “Happy” anthem alone somebody revives it with a remix to spark my interest all over again. Last time around it was Ahmed Sirour with his go-go-tinged reboot, and now here we are with Canadian bred producer Kaytranada’s new edition. Adding a bass-heavy grunge element and a sound similar to the music of the likes of Muhsinah, Kaytranada revamps Pharrell’s big hit and transforms it into a laid-back summer groove. Things get real as the track’s ending draws near and the funk kicks in as claps and synths drive a feel-good break down. At this point you have heard it said many times and many ways, but the best way to rock out to this record is to “clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.”

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