Have A Taste Of Danity Kane's 'Lemonade'

Danity Kane Lemonade Cover

And Danity Kane's return is officially official. The now-quartet (or possibly trio, seeing as there are only three girls on that cover and some are speculating that Aundrea Fimbres may have opted out) dropped their new single, "Lemonade," overnight for all those DK fans thirsty for new music from the group. Dedicated to the folks with a sour-ass look on their face, "Lemonade" finds the ladies riding out over a flipped sample of The Clipse's street anthem "Grindin'" as they speak on all the sourpusses throwing them shade when all they're trying to do is "turn up every night" and have a good time. They even get Young Money rapper Tyga to spike the mix. Still, while fun, the track is a bit basic in its approach, which is disappointing considering how nice of a groove leaked track "Bye Baby" had going on. But you guys can determine for yourselves if this batch of "Lemonade" is sweet or sour when you press play.

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