‘Fall For’ Leela James’ New Music Video


Leela James took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that she’s releasing a new album on July 8th. But not one to just tease fans, Ms. James also released the music video for the new song “Fall for You,” which will also be the name of the forthcoming set.

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The black-and-white clip features the sanger doing what she does best: letting her raspy voice caress the soothing melody that can be heard underneath. The simple tune — which contains just a piano and the occasional finger snap to set the intimate mood — is matched with an equally simple video. Set in black-and-white tones, Leela sits in front of the earlier mentioned piano and sings, taking a minute or two for an outfit change and a change in scenery to nearby stairs, as she emotes lyrics such as ”Would you catch me if I fall for you, cause I’m fallin’ for you.”

Even more melodious poetry follows, with Leela proudly declaring “my heart is ready” and “I choose you.” “Fall for You” is a great follow-up to her Anthony Hamilton-assisted “Say That” and gets us excited for her July release.

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