What Do You Have To 'Say' About Estelle's New Video?

Estelle MHS Still

Estelle came with the raunch earlier this year when she dropped her single "Make Her Say (Beat It Up)" from her EP  Love & Happiness Vol. 3: How Stella Got Her Groove Back. The more explicit version of the track let you know exactly which part of her body she wanted you to make talk. Thankfully, she's tamed the language a bit for the track's video, though she still manages to keep things fairly naughty with the clip's steamy visuals.

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The visuals mainly focus on couples as they roll around between the sheets, however, if you look a bit closer, you'll see that these aren't the usual video studs and vixens. Estelle makes a statement by casting real people, imperfections and all, as her scantily clad co-stars. While Estelle keeps the beat pumpin', the regular folks share their love for the entire world to see. In fact, the video ends with the statement, “No Retouchers Were Hurt In The Filming of This Video. Everyone Is Still Imperfectly Perfect.” While I'm still not necessarily a fan of this track, I have to give Estelle props for adding a message in with her freaky.

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