SWV Get On One Accord For BET’s Celebration Of Gospel 2014


The theme of BET’s Celebration of Gospel 2014 was “Forward In Faith,” and that is definitely what the ladies of SWV moved in on last night’s telecast. If you caught the first season of their WE tv reality show, SWV Reunited, then you already know that Coko‘s gospel career has been a bone of contention between the three group members. Apparently Taj and Lelee had a change of heart (or Jesus spoke to theirs) because they happily joined their sister Coko to sing the gospel song “At Your Feet.” Coko was definitely in her element while Taj and Lelee seemed more like her background singers, but the ladies all did their thing and looked fabulous in the process. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this performance factor in to the next season of SWV Reunited.

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The Sisters With Voices were later joined on stage by The Rance Allen Group who performed “Got Me Dancin.” Between Bishop Rance Allen‘s perfectly laid coif, the keytar player and the two-step worthy gospel groove, it was one funky good time for God.

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