Maya Rudolph's Variety Show To Bring The Funny & The Soul This May

Maya Rudolph Coral Lip

Since leaving Saturday Night Live in 2006, Maya Rudolph has been spreading her brand of funny on screens big and small and making us laugh out loud each time she does. Now the super-funny comedienne will have her very own show to showcase her talents when The Maya Rudolph Show makes it debut on NBC this May. The show will take on the long forgotten variety format, a la The Carol Burnett Show, and will be a chance for Maya to work with some of her famous friends, including funnyman Craig Robinson. While it's only scheduled as a one-off special, there is definite potential that – depending on ratings – it could receive a series pickup.

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We're sure you're wondering, "What, pray tell, does this have to do with music?" We're glad you asked. Being the daughter of Minnie Riperton (and a member of her own Prince cover band), Maya knows a thing or two about soul music. And in case you doubt that notion, she's tapped none other than Ray Ray himself, Raphael Saadiq, to be the bandleader for her show. If that doesn't move you, then perhaps the show's musical guest, Electric Lady No. 1 Janelle Monáe, will be enough for you to take notice.

Bet that caught your attention, didn't it?

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If you like your funny bone tickled and your ears filled with the sweet sounds of music, it's looking like The Maya Rudolph Show will be a one-stop shop for your entertainment needs. Catch it when it airs on NBC on May 19th.

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