Wrap Yourselves In Ben L'Oncle Soul & Gregory Porter's 'Grandma's Hands'


If you know what's good for you, you'll watch this perfect performance of Bill Withers' classic "Grandma's Hands" right now. I'm usually skeptical of anyone who chooses to cover a song from Withers' catalog because they usually fall short in their delivery. However, when I learned that my favorite French soul man Ben L’Oncle Soul partnered with Mr. Gregory Porter, I instantly knew it would be impossible for them to fail. Although Ben may not be a household name in the States yet, a performance such as this one should definitely make folks take notice of his soulful voice, which matched perfectly with Gregory's timeless velvet tone. I hope the duo finds a way to collaborate again because their voices together are heavenly. See for yourself.

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If you can't get enough, here's a bonus video of Ben performing another soul classic, Al Green's "Simply Beautiful," with Keziah Jones.

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