Mara Hruby Will 'Set' You 'Free'


We all know that Mara Hruby can lace her sultry tone over others' aural poetics, as she has captured the soul and spirit of such prolific artists as Al Green, Van Hunt and Andre 3000, just to name a few. Her recent single, the torch classic "Cry Me River," has also gotten the Hruby treatment to grand results. But in the back of my mind, I've wondered what an original Hruby production would sound like. In waltzes "Set Me Free" to answer that question. The twilight jazz lament will crush your heart as Hruby paints a haunting but beautiful portrait of a love affair gone wrong and how she is now all the wiser for it in its aftermath. Hruby already warned us that her upcoming EP, Archaic Rapture, was to be an ode to her own personal heartache, and with "Set Me Free" as the second single we should be prepared for those pesky five stages that will no doubt be covered on this highly anticipated set.

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