Low Leaf Finds The 'Light Within'


Even though I'm the type of girl who likes to fill all corners of a buffet plate (stop acting like you don't either), I do know that less is more and understand that there is beauty in simplicity. Minimal is not a word to describe Low Leaf as the Philippines-bred, LA-based artist is a multitalented singer, producer and songwriter who is also a classically trained pianist and self-taught harpist. Yet on first listen to her debut single "The Light Within" you'll probably feel there isn't much to it as it's bare to the bones atmospheric trip-hop. But if you give it a few spins you'll find yourself enveloped in its gorgeous soundscape and love how it blooms like a morning wake-up as it stretches into dreamy synths and fluttering harp work. A true reward it is. Her debut album, AKASHAALAY will arrive April 29th, with even more direction from Philly's own King Britt (who is behind this joint's production), but if you're in need of a little serenity to combat the constant multitasking of life right this second, by all means lighten the load and freely download to become acquainted with Low Leaf.

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