Anthony Valadez Goes 'In Search Of...' The Perfect Soundtrack


It's been nearly two years since Anthony Valadez released his debut EP, Just Visiting. Now he's back with the follow-up, In Search Of.... Just one spin of the album makes it clear that Valadez has been busy honing his craft between projects. While Just Visiting was a strong debut outing, In Search Of... builds upon the foundation laid with its languid vibe. Despite not being able to easily classify Valadez's sound, the one common thread that strings each track together is a muted fluidity that almost feels as if you're listening to it underwater.

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Even though the album is filled to the brim with guest appearances from the likes of Miles Bonny, Belleruche's Kathrin deBoer, Zack Sekoff, Bird and The Precious Lo's, just to name a few, it's still Valadez's compositions that take center stage. He's mastered the art of crafting music that remains in the foreground, with the guest artists serving as simply a complement to the music itself. Early album standouts include the dreamy "Stars Above Above," featuring Jimetta Rose, and Nanna B.'s thumping entry, "The Runner."

In this short promo clip, Valadez gives listeners a bit of insight into his creation process, adding, "I just want to make the good soundtrack, or the perfect soundtrack, to life." Take advantage of the album stream below and decide for yourself if he accomplished his mission. In Search Of... is available now on iTunes.

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