The Floacist Just Wants You To 'Feel Good'


So what if Valentine's Day is kaput for this year? There is still candy that is on sale, right? Flowers to admire and be put into vases? And maybe you still have your loverboy or lovergirl waiting in the wings, that is, unless you were doing the fly-by-night thing Friday? Well, if all your candy hearts are somewhat in a row, why not rekindle V-Day with a lil' lovey dovey from The Floacist? The former Floetry member unveils "Feel Good," and the part-spoken word, part soulful love letter is something to savor. Poised for her upcoming, Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid project, "Feel Good" is a sweet reminder of Natalie Stewart's continuing crusade to blend poetry with melody as well as rekindles the notion of how we all need that special someone who makes us feel loved. As sour as I can be about romance, this is one song that has shaken off the cynical and has made my heart grow a few sizes.

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