Mara Hruby's 'Cry Me A River' Continues To Be A Thing Of Beauty


Quite taken I was by Mara Hruby's reading of "Cry Me A River" when she performed it exclusively for Billboard that I'm pleased to see that the Bay Area songstress has given further dimension to the torch classic by releasing a visual for it. Artfully shot by Dr. Woo, Hruby takes us through the minimalist beauty of the day-to-day with a various wardrobe changes that show us her melange of emotions in between normal activities that span from washing dishes to *ahem* some herbal nourishment. Fashion fiends out there will dig on Hruby's style and while I'm supposed to be finding the deep meaning in all of what is splashed out here, all I could think about was how much I loved the boho chicness of her pad and how I would like Hruby as a shopping buddy as her wardrobe is on-point.

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Getting back on track, the video smartly ends at a cliffhanger, so all we are left with is an image of Hruby picking up her guitar and possibly heading out for a gig. An eye will definitely be kept on the lookout for the next visual installment, which will no doubt come from one of the many anticipatory tracks on Mara Hruby's upcoming EP, Archaic Rapture, which is soon to be released.

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