Kelis Is Ready To 'Rumble'

Kelis Boats

With the announcement of Kelis' new album and tracklist, the leaks were sure to follow. And, sure enough, one has landed on our doorstop (err...inbox) in the form of "Rumble." Much like "Jerk Ribs," "Rumble" finds Miss Caught Out There flexing her vocals over a soulful soundbed consisting of lively horns and a dirty little bass groove. Lyrically, it seems that she's having a bit of trouble letting go of her lover, at one moment telling him to go but then, seconds later, begging him to stay. Though this confusion is surely frustrating for her love life, it's an entertaining listen. However, the combo of Kelis' rasp and soulful production doesn't work as well here as it did on "Jerk Ribs." That could be attributed to the slightly odd phrasing she employs during the verses, which admittedly fall short of the much more satisfying chorus. Still, while this doesn't exactly whet the appetite for F.O.O.D., it's enough of a taste to make us wonder what Kelis will deliver when the full course arrives in April.

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