Idris Elba Flies High In ‘The Sky’ With This Remix


Idris Elba‘s name alone can make you weak in the knees, but you’re gonna need those as well as your dancing feet to fully appreciate his latest musical endeavor. The award-winning thespian goes from in front of the camera to behind the turntables as his DJing alter ego DJ Driis to craft a smoking hot soulful house remix to “Ribbon In the Sky” on “The Sky.” Driis took a portion of the vocals and then distorted, chopped and mixed them with a body moving groove to give this classic a fresh makeover for the dance floor. If my hearing serves me correctly, then I’m pretty sure that Driis worked his remixing magic on Intro‘s “Ribbon In the Sky” remake and not Stevie Wonder‘s original. He even blends in a little UK garage flavor on the bridge. We may not always be a fan of Elba’s original tunes, but this is something that we can definitely get with and down to.

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