OhsoKool’s ‘SoulBounce Blend’ Of Art Of Noise & Jhené Aiko Is Far From ‘The Worst’


Our SoulBounce Remixed relaunch celebration continues with the second exclusive remix in the series, this time with a little something from one of our favorite DJs, OhsoKool. OSK is one of the dopest DJs we know outta NYC, and you’ve heard his mix master skills on numerous Mixologists mixes. But not only is he fly on the turntables, his remix blends are some of the hottest we’ve heard. So it was a no-brainer for him to be down with SoulBounce Remixed, and, as suspected, he’s laced us with some hotness on “The Worst Moments (In Love) (SoulBounce Blend).”

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OhsoKool decided to blend together something old and something new to create something unexpected and awesome. Taking the instrumental from the Art of Noise classic “Moments In Love,” he masterfully lays Jhené Aiko‘s vocals from her current underground hit “The Worst” on top and the combo platter sounds as amazing in real life as it sounds on paper. It’s ironic that Aiko’s vocals filled with lyrics about hating to love someone fit the tempo of the Quiet Storm staple “Moments In Love” perfectly. Have a listen, and you’ll agree that OhsoKool put his foot in this smooth and sexy blend for SoulBounce Remixed. Give this man a hand, and enjoy the complementary download.

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