Let Sly5thAve & Denitia Soothe Your Soul With ‘Deme’


Though he’s been making waves most recently for his orchestral covers of such mainstream hits as Drake‘s “Hold On We’re Going Home” and Rihanna‘s “Pour It Up,” musician Sly5thAve is ready to step out on his own name. As he gears up for his debut solo release, Akuma, he gives fans a sample of what’s to come with the second single, “Deme.” Featuring the soothing vocals of singer Denitia, the song is an enticingly serene outing for the two. As she sings/chants simply, “deme,” Denitia’s voice is near hypnotic and provides the perfect accompaniment for this jazz number, never overpowering or overshadowing the top-notch instrumentation that is going on here. What the song lacks in lyrics, it more than makes up for with vibe as it envelops the listener with its warmth. The album, due out February 11th, was inspired by a trip Sly5thAve took to Africa in order to reconnect with his Igbo heritage. Press play and allow yourself to be transported on this soothing journey courtesy of Sly5thAve.

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