There's Nothing 'Wrong' With Toni Braxton & Babyface's Latest

Toni Braxton and Babyface's highly anticipated album of duets, Love, Marriage & Divorce, is less than two months away. While that amount of time seems like agony for R&B lovers and fans of the two, we've been able to soothe the pain of the wait with the album's lead single "Hurt You," their many television performances of the track and even an unexpected Christmas duet from the two. And now we have another track to hold us over with the beautiful and heartbreaking "Where Did We Go Wrong?," the album's next single. A simply arranged track, with mellow guitar reminiscent of Babyface's hit "When Can I See You," the track finds Toni's sultry voice going up against Babyface's falsetto as they question the ending of their relationship. "Where did we go wrong? Is at all my fault?" they each question, pleading for answers that they may never be able to get. Though two months is a relative eternity when waiting for good music, I'm sure this bittersweet morsel will be more than enough to tide fans over until the album's release on February 4th.

After the bounce

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