Go 'Beyond' The Surface With Joya Mooi's Latest Video & Album

Ever since she released her album Hard Melk in 2010, Joya Mooi effortlessly cemented herself as one of my favorite Dutch artists. Since then, she's gone on to collaborate with some of our other Dutch faves like Mar, Full Crate and Saux. She follows up that stellar release with her equally as gorgeous latest, Crystal Growth. Released last week, Mooi's clear vocals soar over the album's live instrumentation in a way that proves it was well worth the wait. Delving into matters of the heart, she delicately places her stamp on her music. The album's first single "Beyond of You," easily one of the collection's standouts, is at once melancholy and sweet. In the video, we see Mooi come face-to-face with, and accept, the complexities of herself. If the clip isn't enough to convince you that she is an artist worth watching, then take Crystal Growth for a free spin on Spotify and see if she doesn't make a believer out of you enough to cop it from iTunes or Amazon.

After the bounce

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