Eric Roberson & Phonte Announce Joint Album On Instagram

File this under Best News Ever: Eric Roberson and Phonte have announced that they will be recording a joint album together. Two SoulBounce faves on one entire album? You already know we are all for this. The soon-to-be duo (no word on if they'll perform under a different name yet or not) announced the project on Instagram over the weekend with a brief video where they made a "verbal agreement" to fans that "in 2015 there will be Phonte/Eric Roberson album." Those words came right out of Erro's mouth while he was in the driver's seat with Tay riding shotgun and co-signing. This album is a SoulBouncer's dream come true (at least this SoulBouncer!) with the frequent collaborators finally committing to working on a full-length project.

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The awesome twosome first appeared on wax together on the track "Been In Love" from Roberson's 2007 album ...Left and they've been making fantastic music with each other ever since. In 2011 alone, they released "Picture Perfect" on Eric's Mister Nice Guy, "Who Loves You More" from Phonte's Charity Starts At Home and "Marzipan" on Zo!'s ...just visiting three. Erro also joined Phonte and Nicolay on The Foreign Exchange's "Better" from this year's Love In Flying Colors and worked with Zo! and Tay again on "We Are on the Move" from the former's ManMade, the video shoot for which is what brought these two together this weekend in the first place. With all those hits under their belts, we cannot wait to hear what else these two cook up in the studio. Eric Roberson has two new albums on the horizon for 2014, and with this project lined up for 2015, the next two years are already sounding real lovely.

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