K. Michelle Loses Her Love On ‘Christmas Night’

The good tidings of musical joy keep coming from the R&B and soul set with Christmas albums galore being released this holiday season. Following Christmas releases by Mary J. Blige and Tamar Braxton is K. Michelle who didn’t want to be left out of the holiday hustle and will be dropping an extended version of her debut album Rebellious Soul with two original Xmas tunes and three remakes. One of those two originals is now here for us to listen to, and it finds K. singing a sad song about her man kicking her to the curb on “Christmas Night.” All their fussing and fighting over I assume how much liquor to put in the egg nog and where to pin the mistletoe has culminated in Ms. Michelle wanting to tear up all the gifts under the tree in as many pieces as her heart is in. Well, alrighty then. If you’ve ever experienced a breakup around the holiday season, then you’ll find comfort in K. Michelle’s angry-sad carol. 


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