Disclosure, Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers & Jimmy Napes Get 'Together' To Bring Us Something Funky

Any day that brings us an unexpected slice of groovy funk is a good day. And, my friends, today is most definitely a good day. A dream team of collaborators -- Disclosure, Nile Rodgers, Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes -- have come together to bring us the track "Together," and it's everything that you could hope for after seeing that combination of names. Floating on a Rodgers guitar riff and woozy synths, the track grooves like nobody's business as they invite the listener to "unwind together." But it's not just about the music, as the vocals here are equally impressive, especially Sam's flawless falsetto and the layering effect applied on the chorus, which is simply sublime. It's so good that it's almost just too much to handle. There's no solid word on whether this is a one-off joint or the sign of a bigger project, but whatever it is, it shol' is funky.


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