Say Hello To Zara McFarlane's 'Angie La La'

There is something about jazz music and the season of fall that just fits so perfectly together. Whenever that first snap of cold occurs (and that happens for one day in December down in South Texas), I always find myself reaching for the cozy aural corners that jazz has to offer. Even though it's as cold as summer in my neck of the woods, after hearing Zara McFarlane's latest number "Angie La La" all I want to do now is don a chunky cable sweater, pour out some hot cider and lounge by a fire. McFarlane, who is a Bounce-Worthy alumna, keeps things traditional jazz, with tumbling pianos and brush stroke percussion. In a twist she shares the vocal spotlight with NYC's Leron Thomas, who also provides the trumpet work that is laced here, and the two contrasting vocals fuse well together. While we'll have wait till next year for McFarlane's sophomore set to arrive via Giles Peterson's Brownswood Records, we can snuggle up with "Angie La La" before it gets its official digital release date on November 25th. 


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