'Let It Ride' With Robert Glasper Experiment & Norah Jones

I must admit that of the singles that I've heard from Robert Glasper Experiment's Black Radio 2 thus far -- "Calls" featuring Jill Scott and "I Stand Alone" featuring Common and Patrick Stump -- that nothing had yet to "wow" me. I've liked what I've heard, but I didn't love these two songs like I did the first tastes of Black Radio that audiences received at the top of last year. Within the space of three days in January 2012, I was signed at "Move Love," sealed with "Afro Blue" and delivered by "Ah Yeah." That hasn't been the case with Black Radio 2, however, until now. "Let It Ride" featuring Norah Jones is the song that I've been waiting on to allay any irrational fears that I may have had about BR2. Not that I doubted Robert Glasper and crew's greatness, but this third single has proven to be the charm with a heady blend of soul, jazz and drum 'n' bass. Drummer Mark Colenburg practically steals the show here with his rapid-fire percussion complemented by Glasper's masterful piano playing, but Jones rides the beat like a professional, her voice an instrument of soulful nuance. "Let It Ride" is a song that you'll want to do just that to -- let it ride, then play it again to let it ride some more after the reprise ends. To lighten (or interrupt) the sexy, chill mood that this track puts you in, Wayne Brady adds some comic relief with an amusing interlude between songs. You may end up skipping that, but you definitely won't want to skip this.

After the bounce

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