Disclosure Keep The Groove Going With 'Apollo'

Not content with just releasing one of the hottest electronic albums of 2013 with Settle, Disclosure add some more fuel to the fire they've set with the new track "Apollo." The Brothers Lawrence quietly slipped this tune up on their SoundCloud page yesterday, but there's nothing quiet about this soulful house mover and shaker. The mostly instrumental track features a vocal sample of a woman who sounds like the star soloist in a championship gospel choir. You can't exactly make out what she's singing, but it doesn't even matter. This is a track to simply press play and get lost in. There's a link to "Buy on iTunes" on SoundCloud, but it unfortunately leads to a dead end when clicked, so there's no telling where this song is from or what it's a prelude to. Hopefully the mystery will soon be solved, but until then we'll keep this on repeat and dance through the questions.      


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