Spend 'A Morning' With Kelis

It seems that Kelis' upcoming effort F.O.O.D. has been pushed back from this fall and will instead arrive early next year. While that's a bummer (as her track "Jerk Ribs" had me excited to hear what other dishes she'd be serving up on the set), we at least get a chance to have another listen to the evolution of Kelis' new sound. "Been Given A Morning" finds the style and musical chameleon lending her signature rasp to a jazzy, almost orchestral arrangement provided by producer Basshitter. Over this lush soundbed, a more thoughtful Kelis sings introspective lyrics about life and love. Though we're used to hearing the singer over tracks more suited for the club, I've always enjoyed when Kelis slowed things down a bit, and this is no exception. If you're looking to slow down the pace of your day a bit to listen to something breathtakingly beautiful, then this is the moment you've been searching for.

After the bounce

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