Drake Gets Gangster In ‘Hold On (We’re Going Home)’

Give Drake a crew, some drama and a gun, and you get his latest video. His recent album Nothing Was the Same has received pretty good reviews and came just in time for Cuffin’ Season. While his music has some of us wading in our feelings, Drake finally gives us the visuals to accompany the most pop-laced single on the album, “Hold On (We’re Going Home).”

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Despite the light tone of the song, the video offers a dark gangster theme. Set in 1980’s Miami, the video opens with a speech from fellow rapper, and in this case mobster, A$AP Rocky. Just like the gangster movies from the ’80s, you can immediately smell a rat in the crew, but this only adds to the excitement of it all. Later in the video Drake gets a phone call and goes on a mini-Grand Theft Auto shooting spree to save his lingerie-clad boo from rival mobsters who’ve kidnapped her.

As hard as he looks in the video brandishing automatic weapons, lest us not forget his reason for doing it — love. Aww Drake, you make us feel fuzzy and warm inside. Check out the hard and soft side of Drake right now.

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