You Won't Want To 'Miss' What Ta-ku Is Giving 'You'

Every now and then a name crops up in the music world that everyone is buzzing about. You brush it off and go about your day, but then there's that name again, and again, and again. Until eventually you catch on that perhaps you should just see what the fuss is about. Ta-ku is one of those names, and with good reason as evidenced by his latest track. The Australian producer and RBMA graduate has just blessed us with a free download of the sublime piece of evocative music that is "I Miss You" from his yet to be released EP, Songs To Break Up To. I suggest hitting play and then closing your eyes and letting Ta-ku transport you to places only your imagination can go. This sweetly addictive tune will stay in your head long after it's over, thanks to the layered vocals and intricate drum beats.


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