Snakehips Makes Waves With Banks' 'Water'

If Reese's peanut butter cups have taught us anything, it's that our favorite things get even better when we combine them. Before you criticize my fat boy reference (go ahead, I dare you), please direct your attention to the latest remix of Banks' "Warm Water." When we first heard it, it was a perfectly chilled pop number that got us open. But now UK group Snakehips has gotten its chocolate all in Banks' peanut butter. Taking a decidedly different approach from their recent track "Make It," the Brits melt that chill into a much warmer, dance floor-ready groove. From the bright synths to the kick drum thump and well-placed flourishes, Snakehips' take on the track transforms the song and moves it from something you'll snuggle up to with your boo in the winter to something you'll be more than happy to shake it to on those long summer nights. Banks is offering this one up for the price of your email address at her website, just in time for you to add it to your ever-growing summertime playlist.


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