Sean Paul’s On Some ‘Other’ Stuff With His Latest

Why are you trying to take me on the “Other Side of Love,” Sean Paul? The man who implored mainstream hip hop to “Get Busy” and taught an entire generation how to get dutty in the dancehall has a new song that sounds more like something the cast of Jersey Shore would fist pump to on a Friday night. Maybe that’s what he’s going for — there’s nothing wrong with making that Flo-Rida money — but it just feels cheesy and unauthentic. First, let’s talk about how he’s singing, not chatting nor rapping, about how his girl is going through his phone. Then, the beat sounds like something that would be on the soundtrack of You Got Served 10: Back to Serving. Add to that the fact that his beloved edgeless cornrows have been supplanted by a slicked up Mohawk, and I am no mo’ good. A grittier, more mature Sean Paul would be welcome in today’s sea of electronic dance music sameness. It’s not bad, but it’s not necessarily what I’d want to hear from my favorite Jamaican artist.


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