‘R&B Divas: Los Angeles’ Promises More Divas & More Drama

TV One is giving us yet another reason to stay glued to our TV’s in what I call a social experiment to further explore why Black women can’t get along with the upcoming reality show R&B Divas: Los Angeles. Originally based in Atlanta, the R&B Divas franchise moves to LA this summer and features R&B songstresses Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, Lil Mo, Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le. Already evident in the first few seconds of the super-trailer, with a montage of side-eyes and blank stares, this new season of divas will definitely entertain.

After the bounce

The West coast spinoff offers the typical ingredients of an engaging show: one part yelling, two parts tears, a sprinkle of relationship drama and a heap of career resuscitation. It looks like Kelly Price, who had a small spot on R&B Divas: Atlanta, will be taking the role of group leader as she brings the other divas together to create a musical. There is turmoil during the musical production, and Lil Mo isn’t afraid to confront anyone with her truth — we can expect a few new meme-worthy moments from her spunky rants. Also in the show, each woman brings their personal issues to the table. Dawn battles with trying to have another child, Chante has a custody case on her hands and Claudette and Michel’le are trying to find their way back into the music industry.

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If you didn’t catch the finale of R&B Divas: Atlanta, *spoiler alert* after Syleena Johnson read Nicci Gilbert for filth, everyone left claiming they would never return. Now that the torch has been passed to the LA divas, will its light be dimmed again at this new season’s end? I guess we’ll have to wait and see as R&B Divas: Los Angeles premieres July 10th on TV One.

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