Quadron Say ‘Hey’ To America On The ‘Late Show With David Letterman’

For two weeks now I’ve been telling anybody who will listen about Quadron and their fantasmical sophomore album, Avalanche. Of course, I’ve been met with confused stares and the befuddled question of “who?!”. Well, there isn’t any excuse to not know who Coco O. and Robin Hannibal are as the twosome made their US television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. Somehow, someway I missed this performance, but thank goodness for YouTube, as I can relive their on-point performance of single, “Hey Love.” There aren’t as many jazz hands or fancy footwork prevalent here like in the official visual, but Quadron do what they do best and bring their special brand of class and spunk to the red, white and blue. It seems like just yesterday we were discovering this Denmark twosome, dubbing them Bounce-Worthy and gracing them with accolades, and now finally people get to see what we’ve witnessed all along. Watch the journey of Quadron continue on below. 

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