Marie Dahlstrom Gives Us Her 'Renditions'

We here at SoulBounce love us some Marie Dahlstrom, not to mention all the lovely cover songs that she has graced us with. Well, if you find yourself a fan, too, get ready for some very good news as the Scandinavian songstress has compiled all of her beloved covers into one convenient collection, and *drumroll* all of it is for the low low price of free. Awesome sauce. Dubbed, The Renditions, the EP features a majority of Dahlstrom's best loved covers from Little Dragon, Phil Collins, Rihanna and more. If this collection couldn't get any better, Dahlstrom has also added to the pot three bonus cuts of her original material, including single "Search" and the newness that is the jazz-soul charmer "Could We Buy A House." Now I don't know why you're still trying to read this post, but I give you full permission to stop, drop everything and head over to Dahlstrom's Bandcamp spot in order to download The Renditions while it's still hot.


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