You'll Want To Hear This Robin Thicke Song '4 The Rest Of Your Life'

Is it just me or did everybody eat their Wheaties and chew on some Smarties this morning, as today it seems that the cup has runneth over for good music. To continue the trend, Robin Thicke diverts away from the dirty slinky fun of "Blurred Lines" for the saccharine "4 The Rest Of Your Life," and whoo-ha! I'm smitten. In typical Thicke fashion, he serenades, beckoning you to a lush liaison of strings and lyrics that are no doubt in reverence to his wife, actress Paula Patton. To sweeten the pot, Thicke's falsetto is also on its A-game, and yes, yes, we know he's running Justin Timberlake out of town with it, but don't we say that in every Robin Thicke post? Currently my focus is on his Thicke-ness as he's setting up some pretty good groundwork for his upcoming sixth album, with this being yet another nice addition to the tracklist. Without further distraction, get swept up in the throws of romance by checking after the bounce for the premiere of "4 The Rest Of Your Life" via iHeartRadio.

After the bounce

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