Kelly Rowland Gets A Little 'Dirty'

Kelly Rowland must have watched a few hours of OWN this weekend. Releasing her third single "Dirty Laundry" this morning, she's dropping the bubbly bombshell act and digging deeper than ever before. On "Dirty Laundry," which is the opening track on her forthcoming Talk A Good Game album, Rowland is taking a page from the book of Usher (ala "Confessions") as she tells a tale of an abusive relationship and how it took a toll on her life, career and friendship with Beyoncé. "Bittersweet/She was up, I was down/No lie I feel good for her but what do I do now?" she sings. Juicy details aside, the song, produced by The-Dream, will easily remind you of R. Kelly's classic narrative records like "When A Woman's Fed Up." I hate to say it but pain, dark pasts and dirty secrets have set up some of our favorite R&B records. With that said, "Dirty Laundry" could easily pan out to be Rowland's biggest hit. If the video finds her storming out of a laundromat in all black garments, rocking black lipstick and the gaudiest sunglasses she could find, I'll be completely sold.


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