Chrisette Michele Just Wants To 'Win' The Game Of Love

Sure, there have been some impressive R&B releases so far this year, but my eye is on the June 11th release of Chrisette Michele's fourth studio album, Better. She has been teasing us with a sexy new look, attitude and sensual videos, all while keeping her unique flavor in the mix. "Charades" was my go-to slow burn banger, while "A Couple of Forevers" was my quiet storm reprieve. On "Let Me Win," she presents a nice mid-tempo R&B jam that presents subtle hip-hop influences. Chrisette's ability to balance melisma, ornamentation and phrasing truly makes her stand out in the contemporary R&B world in the same way that Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson stood out in the 1950's and 1960's jazz realm. The hook is addictive, and the message is something that many people will be able to identify with. As I hear more and more of Better, my enthusiasm builds for what seems to be a very cohesive album, something that is truly underappreciated these days. [Photo: Keith Estep]


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