Beyoncé Is Hot As The 'Sun' In New H&M Ad, But Where's The Single?

We've been hit with a straight up barrage of Beyoncé lately. She's hawking Pepsi, she's getting slapped by fans raising eyebrows while on the first leg of her tour in Europe and ruining reinterpreting new classics on soundtracks. And she's managed to do all this while revealing very little of her own new material. Well, she's back on the tease trail once again in her latest ad for her Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M (groan) ad campaign. While she and her dancers are looking mighty right in the many H&M bikini looks featured, the real draw here is that we get to hear a full minute and a half of her new song "Standing on the Sun." The song, penned by Sia, shows a much softer and sensual side than Beyoncé has previously shown in first leak "Bow Down" and the bit we've heard of "Grown Woman." It's no "Deja Vu" or "Love On Top" but it serves its purpose. However, with King Bey already on the verge of over-saturation and no release date (single, album or otherwise) in sight, she runs the risk that when she does finally decide to grace us with an official release, many of us (at least those of us who aren't a part of her legion of obsessive fans) will be too indifferent to care.

After the bounce

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