How Will You RSVP To Ciara’s ‘Body Party’?

After what seemed like an eternity of teases and deferrals, Ciara debuts the video for “Body Party,” the third debut single off her upcoming self-titled album. Here, we see the once-tomboyish singer at her most aggressively feminine yet. From gorgeous (if unoriginal) silhouettes to a halo-lit beauty shot, Ciara looks stunning in every frame (no small feat, considering cinematographer Joshua Reis‘ transgression of the cardinal photography rule: “you don’t light a black woman with cool lights”). Amusingly, Director X seems intent to keep body and party markedly separate, juxtaposing the core house-party storyline (featuring a tomboyish Ciara) with figure-flaunting shots aplenty, though never the twain do meet.
The tragedy of Ciara’s career is that the moment she started making somewhat decent music, her career began its decline. So while this is a perfectly enjoyable track crafted for her by producer du-jour Mike WiLL and sorta-rapper du-jour (and Ciara’s lover/costar) Future, smart money is on it stalling somewhere in the Top 40 if she’s lucky. But at least they’ll have this to mortify their kids with for decades to come.

After the bounce

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