Slakah The Beatchild Gets Us Ready For Another 'Soul Movement'

It was Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) who famously sang that it's "funny how time flies when you're having fun." If that isn't the honest to goodness truth, I don't know what is. However, I would like to amend Mrs. Al Mana's statement to also say that it's funny how time flies when you're listening to good music. Take Slakah the Beatchild's album Soul Movement Vol 1, for instance, which was released in 2008. I'm truly baffled that this album is five years young already and trying to wrap my mind around where time has gone. I mean, I still play this album on the regular because I love its hip hop soul flavor and it's a great soundtrack to vibe out to. Well, soon enough that first volume is going to have some company in heavy rotation because Slakah will be releasing Soul Movement Vol 2 this summer. On the next Soul Movement installment, Slakah will be bringing more hip hop soul heat and working with familiar voices such as Glenn Lewis (yes, that Glenn Lewis!!) and Tingsek and putting people up on artists who they might not be as familiar with such as Andreena Mill, Spek Won and more. At the center of it all, however, will be Mr. Beatchild himself who is a one-stop shop on the production, songwriting and artist tip. I'm already sold on this project, but the audio sampler that Slakah posted to his SoundCloud page simply sealed the deal. All I need now is a release date. To join Slakah's soul movement and to stay updated on the new album, visit his website to stay in the loop. And speaking of loops, don't be surprised if you have this sampler on repeat. 


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