Pucker Up To Kelly Rowland's 'Kisses Down Low'

As the promo engine revved (and sputtered, predictably) for Kelly Rowland's upcoming album Talk a Good Game with a celebrated cameo
at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and a showstopping GRAMMY dress, it seemed the
one thing nobody really cared about was the album itself. And who could blame
them? After the uninspired lead single "Ice" and a our cringe-heavy initial
response to its follow-up "Kisses Down Low," we felt about as resigned to
Kelly's mediocrity as she seemed to be. But today, with the release of the video for "Kisses," I'm
ready to rescind that verdict. For the first time, Kelly Rowland looks like a
star -- not a cute sidekick, or a redheaded stepchild (the Survivor-era version of herself she gamely channels in one of the
video's many looks), but a bonafide star. It's refreshing to see this new,
confident Rowland effortlessly cavort around director Colin Tilley's über-colorful sets. Sure, there are moments when it
feels like it was paid for by those Hype Hair magazines inexplicably still in
print, but all in all, the visuals bring out a charm and playful exuberance we
initially missed in the song.


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