Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins Leave The Light On At Their ‘Lighthouse’

Although they’ve been focused primarily on their solo careers in recent years, Georgia Anne Muldrow and husband Dudley Perkins aka Declaime are back to remind you that two is better than one. The couple, who record together under G&D, are set to drop their latest joint effort, The Lighthouse, on May 21. The album will be released on the duo’s independent label, SomeOthaShip Connect, and features appearances by Shana Muldrow and former Visionaries member LMNO. For the album’s artwork, they enlisted the help of Japanese visual artist Tokio Aoyama. It’s not the first time the pair has joined forces with Tokio; they have also tapped Tokio’s otherworldy paintings for the album covers of Georgia Anne’s Umsindo, Dudley’s Holy Smokes and their other joint album, SomeOthaShip. Peep the album’s tracklisting after the bounce and keep your ears open for more from this dynamic duo.

G&D The Lighthouse tracklist

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1. Intro
2. Lighthouse feat. LMNO & Shana Muldrow
3. Soulclap
4. Fam Bam
5. Electric
6. Power
7. Stand
8. No More War
9. Timeline
10. A Funk Supreme Vs. The Chemtrail Agenda
11. Popstopper
12. What
13. Dance
14. Emo Funk
15. Muthadear
16. The Word
17. Majesty

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