Chrisette Michele Shows Us What A Happy 'Couple' Looks Like

When I first heard Chrisette Michele's "A Couple of Forevers," I thought I was going to be forever mad that she sampled the O'Jays' "Stairway To Heaven." That song comes with a "Do Not Disturb" sign, and in my opinion it cannot be touched, not for any reason at all. But, she did, and it wasn't until I watched the video for single that I actually gave it a chance. Throughout the video, Chrisette is completely smitten after reuniting with her blonde tipped, fro-hawked beau, and love is in the air everywhere they go. This Derek Blanks-directed video is definitely one for the lovers, but well-done and almost unbearably sweet at that. With Savannah, Georgia as the backdrop, Blanks' job was made that much easier. It would be hard to get through the video and not comment on Chrisette's fabulosity factor, and the fact that she's working a split hi-top fade like nobody's business; she is rocking this "Rich Hipster" vibe so hard, you can't help but take notice. Ms. Michele's next album, Better, is set for release on April 30th.

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