Brian McKnight Is Ready To Set It Off Like It's The '4th Of July'

Do you remember Tamia's "Stranger in My House"? Well, there's a stranger in this house, and his name is Brian McKnight. No, I'm not trying to beat you over the head with old news about Mr. McKnight's widely publicized and highly criticized instructional diddy from last spring where he benevolently offered his one-on-one continuing education course to women who have misplaced directions on how to use their lady parts, but I do bring it up to say that I don't know who he is anymore. One minute he goes rogue and becomes Brian McNasty, then he's back in form, doing what he's excelled at all along. So, it is with some skepticism that I view his return. He looks like Brian, and he probably smells like Brian, but who is he really? I only trust him as far as I can throw him, or at least throw his CD cover. But, we know he doesn't care what I think, and he doesn't care what you think either. He knows what he's good at, and not so deep down we do, too. McKnight is preparing to release his, say it with me now, 15th studio album (!!) More Than Words later this month. Hate, like him or remain indifferent -- that is something to be celebrated, particularly when you aren't talking about albums replete with the hot, smelly garbage that multiplies by the YouTube view these days. How about something worth your time instead? Giving listeners the musical equivalent of a dozen make-up roses after a fight, he serenades on the album's second single, "4th of July." Like "Sweeter," it's smooth, sweet and inoffensive. Hopefully longtime fans and critics will be ready to kiss and make up come March 19th with More Than Words' release.

After the bounce

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