We Can’t ‘Control’ Our Excitement As Marques Toliver Announces His Debut LP

At last! The uber-talented singer/violinist Marques Toliver has announced his follow up to the excellent Butterflies Are Not Free EP and his first official single, “Magic Look.” Set for release on May 13th, Land Of CanAan will be Marques’ first full-length release and, although there isn’t an official tracklist yet, it has been confirmed that “Control” will be included (I’m hoping alongside an official version of “White Sails”). Set to showcase a combination of his R&B and classical music influences, the album draws its title from abolitionist Frederick Douglass‘ autobiography where he described a scene where slaves were singing the refrain “Oh CanAan, Sweet CanAan, I am bound to the land of Canaan…,” which Marques has borrowed for the album’s opening song. To celebrate the announcement Marques, backed by The Sometimes, recorded a live, in-studio video to accompany “Control,” which you can peep below.

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