Marie Dahlstrom & Jamal Ross Get Into Rihanna & Chris Brown's 'Business'

While I continue to have large thought clouds full of question marks and confused-face emoticons float out of my head whenever I see Rihanna and Chris Brown together -- whether in person or on record -- I do have to sheepishly admit that I didn't absolutely despise their collaboration on "Nobody's Business" from Rihanna's album, Unapologetic. However, here to make that track sound infinitely sweeter, smoother and create much more pleasant thoughts for all is the Bounce-Worthy Marie Dahlstrom. On this down-tempo, chill take on the track, Dahlstrom comes together with Jamal Ross to put her soulful stamp where a '90's-esque dance/pop beat was. Together they lead us into a sensual, tender expression of love led by delicate keys, rather than the loud, cringe-worthy declaration for everyone to mind their business that Rihanna and Brown's version was. By the time the Moog makes an appearance about halfway though, you'll have forgotten all about where this song originally came from and be submerged in the deep waters of amour and elation that Dahlstrom and Ross are swimming in. Take a listen to this revamped "Nobody's Business" and you'll definitely take an interest in keeping up with Marie Dahlstrom and Jamal Ross' business in the future.

After the bounce

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